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Customer Experience: Is the Expectation-Satisfaction Gap more important than NPS and CES?

There is much debate on the internet about whether NPS (Net Promoter Score) or CES (Customer Effort Score) is the better measure to evaluate CX (Customer Experience)....but would urge you to think about the Expectation-Satisfaction Gap Score as it can hold the key to what customers really think.

How Much Does Customer Experience Feedback Cost?

The article will offer suggestions about how to get the best value and to consider what you really need. And, more importantly, what costs and what doesn’t?

Quick gains that Customer Feedback can give you

In this article, I explore the ‘quick gains’ that you can get from a small inexpensive Customer Experience feedback programme. With the right questions and the right reporting, you can get some quick wins inexpensively. So, what are the quick gains?
CX importance

How important is Customer Experience Feedback?

If you use Google to search for how important customer experience feedback is to your organisation, you will be presented with pages of search results that might convince you that customer experience feedback is essential. You will read that not only will you fail to make good profits, but your business will be dead. So, is this true?

The Customer Journey myths

I have never been keen on buzzwords and the one that is appearing everywhere in the marketing and insights space is “The Customer Journey”. If you Google “Customer Journey”, you will find a plethora of information telling you how important it is. But is it true?