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Frequently Asked Questions

CX Zebra

What is the minimum package I can buy?

You can take our Free Package to get a single report from 50 customer contacts. For £349, we can survey 400 of your customers and produce up to 10 different reports. At an additional cost, you can also add on any of the additional features or survey more customers.

Can I add features available in other packages?

Except for the free package, you can add any of the features available in the superior packages at any extra cost. We can give you bespoke cost if you give us details of what you want.

How do you add in data from other sources?

We can work in the way that suits you best. We could develop a direct link from your system to our reporting system for full automation or we can upload spreadsheets, for example, containing your key metrics. Just tell what works best for you.

I have used NPS to measure our CX for years. Do you suggest that we should drop this?

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is just one measure that is possible. We would like to understand why you rely so much on NPS, but if it works for your business, we can produce this for you. However, we would urge you to consider other measures alongside NPS.

Are you a market research company?

No, we are a technology company that has years of experience in putting together data collection and data reporting systems of all types. Our experiences have led us to become more objective in what gives customers real value in Customer Experience Feedback business.

Your prices seem lower than many others. Why is that?

We are experts in data collection and reporting and have been in those markets for 20+ years. We have, therefore, been able to develop our own tools to make this process highly efficient.

What other services do you offer?

We are part of the MRDC group of companies. We provide services that cover all types of data collection, analysis and reporting. We can also provide software so that you can manage your own surveys, produce detailed tabulations and reports. You may wish to visit the MRDC Software website.

How long does it take to start a project

That will depend. Where there is full automation of customer contacts, merging of your KPIs or other business data and automated reporting, there will be a lead time while we work with you and prepare the reporting you need. In most cases, though, we can get a project started within one week.

Can I cancel an annual contract if I am dissatsfied?

If you take an annual contract with us, we will guarantee deliverables in an easy to understand agreement. If we fail to meet any of those commitments, we will allow you to cancel the contract at any time without dispute and refund the unused period of the contract proportionately.

If you find the survey is not benefiting you in the way you had hoped and wish to cancel, we will allow you to cancel for at 33% above the monthly rate.