Our story: Why we do what we do

We have specialised for many years in technology, data collection and automated reporting. For the last 5 years, we have worked in the CX Feedback business. CX Zebra’s goals have been to remove the myths about NPS (Net Promoter Score) and Customer Journeys and provide accurate, actionable and relevant data that reflects both the Customer Experience and stability of your product or service in the market. And, importantly, to do this at an affordable price using proven technology to make this valuable information source available to large and scale organisations.

A bit more about the ‘why’

Customer Experience Feedback is essentially a simple business. A small but important amount of data is collected and it is reported. What data you collect and what you do with this data are the two most important things.

NPS (Net Promoter Score) has become the accepted way to measure CX, but it is based on likelihood of recommending to others. This might work with a product or service that most customers feel passionate about, but many of the things we buy as customers are mundane transactions.

What you really need to know is ‘Are customers satisfied?’, ‘Do you meet their expectations?’, ‘Was it easy to do business with you?’ and, regardless of your performance ‘Is your business threatened by a competitor?’

The maxim that if you exceed customer expectations, the profits will follow may be true in some cases, but even your most satisfied customers may be lured away if a competitor’s price is significantly different.

We think it is important to report data how you need it, merging other KPIs and business data with CX Feedback. Our success depends on your success. Read more about how we take a more pragmatic approach than others.

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