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Get the quick gains you can achieve with CX feedback

Customer Experience Feedback programmes are sometimes oversold. They are made to be bigger than they need to be, more complex and with the wrong focus. It’s easy to spend more researching your customers’ thoughts and needs, but I usually advise that you start by spending smaller amounts and then spend where you can see a proper ROI. That sounds obvious, but CX is being sold too often as ‘something you have to’ rather than tailored to ‘what you need’.

What quick gains can you get?

In this article, I explore the ‘quick gains’ that you can get from a small inexpensive Customer Experience feedback programme. With the right questions and the right reporting, you can get some quick wins inexpensively. So, what are the quick gains? Let’s look at each in turn.

1. You can track performance

This is probably the most obvious benefit of a CX Feedback programme. You should be able to see at a glance whether your performance is improving or not. You can start to question whether it needs to improve and look at your Customer Feedback data alongside your other business data, such as sales, cost of sales etc.

2. You can give feedback to your customers

One of the neglected benefits of CX Feedback programmes is that it gives you a chance to make more contact with your customers. If you ‘sell’ your survey as helping you to give customers a better service and promise to give feedback to your customers, this can have a positive and engaging effect. You can tell customers what you are doing to improve your product or service and explain that the feedback, that they have provided, gives something in return.

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Get performance data

3. You can compare performance across your business

It’s unlikely that all your parts of business will perform as well as each other. Whether this refers to different teams, regions, offices, outlets, channels, products, does not matter, but knowing which are performing well and which are not performing so well is important information. There are very likely good reasons why some groups will not perform as well as others, but being aware of this and considering where to invest money, time and effort can be highlighted, but relevant reporting. Having relevant reporting is a key to good Customer Feedback programmes, in our view.

4. You can see how vulnerable your business is

If Customer Experience Feedback is conducted well, it will give you more than satisfaction levels, it can guide you to how vulnerable your business is. It’s important to know whether your customers are satisfied, of course, but if the transaction is not as easy as it might be or the price is an issue, a satisfied customer can turn to a lost customer. Tracking the vulnerability of your customers can give an early warning of whether you need to change your offering or whether, in fact, you can raise your prices.

5. You can monitor the effect of changes to your offering

There’s a well-used technique in website and online advertising called A/B Testing. Two differing offerings are made to two sets of customers or potential customers and the effect is monitored. CX Feedback gives you the opportunity to test whether changing your product or service for a group of customers works better or not. For example, you can test if by adding a free extra service which costs you £5 per customer, you will increase the chances of retaining that customer next time or whether it makes no difference.

Grab the quick gains

So, there’s some quick gains that can be made by having even a small Customer Experience Feedback programme. This could be achieved for £349 per month by using our system. To find out more, contact phil.hearn@cxzebra.com or visit www.cxzebra.com.